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2018 Strong Workforce Stars

2018 Strong Workforce Stars

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Sacramento City College

Criteria Achieved
Program Name Earnings Gain Regional Living Wage Job in Related Field
Gold star program Dental Assisting

More about this Gold Star program

Gold star program Physical Therapist Assistant

More about this Gold Star program

Gold star program Registered Nursing

More about this Gold Star program

Silver star program Accounting
Silver star program Aeronautics - Airframe
Silver star program Aeronautics - Powerplant
Silver star program Business Management
Silver star program Electronics Facilities Maintenance Technician
Silver star program Management Information Systems
Silver star program Occupational Therapy Assistant
Silver star program Vocational Nursing
Silver star program Word Processing Technician
Bronze star program 3D Animation and Modeling
Bronze star program Administration of Justice
Bronze star program Advanced CISCO Networking
Bronze star program Aeronautics - Combined Airframe & Powerplant
Bronze star program Aircraft Dispatcher
Bronze star program Art & Science of Nail Technology
Bronze star program Business Operations and Management Technology (Level C)
Bronze star program Computer Electronics
Pages:  1... 51 52 53... 70

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Gold Star Gold: Met all three criteria
Silver Star Silver: Met two criteria
CTE Star #3 Bronze: Met one criteria


Earnings gain
Regional living wage
Job in related field