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Chabot College
Registered Nursing

Chabot College (Chabot) earned Gold Star recognition under the Strong Workforce Stars program for its Registered Nursing (RN) program. The Gold Star is the Strong Workforce Stars’ highest recognition and is awarded to career education programs that meet each of three criteria related to student outcomes that help move the needle on workforce development. Specifically, students who participate in this program boost their earnings by 114%, 73% attain the regional living wage, and 100% report securing a job closely related to their field of study.

Chabot’s RN program is known for its high standards and expectations for its students. The college boasts many years of 100%-pass rates for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN). The program is also under constant review for continuous quality improvement, with a curriculum update planned for this academic year. Simulations play a significant role in the curriculum. Through Strong Workforce and Perkins funding, Chabot was able to purchase a birthing mannequin as well as a male mannequin. Faculty also have training on the “flipped classroom,” which, as its name implies, flips the traditional lecture on its head and empowers students to teach. All of this results in students with a strong understanding of the material.

Strong relationships with the community and hospitals contribute to the success of the RN program. Chabot has experience leveraging public-private partnerships. In the past a local hospital funded two cohorts because they needed more qualified nurses, allowing the program to expand sustainably. These partnerships are strengthened because Chabot is a constant presence at hospitals. They hold health fairs every year, and there is constant communication from the faculty and the dean with hospital staff. Chabot is the only community college with students placed at the Children’s Hospital in Oakland. Chabot has also paved the way for their nursing students to easily continue their education. The program has created an agreement with California State University (CSU), East Bay, wherein they have created a crosswalk for their curricula to help students transition faster. Once transferred, students need only complete one year at CSU East Bay because all their pre-work at Chabot is counted towards their bachelor’s degree.

Along with strong community ties, the RN program receives strong institutional support from the college and its board of trustees. The administration recognizes the value of the program and continues to invest its resources there. The RN program at Chabot employs more full-time nursing faculty than most other community colleges. State nursing grants are also extremely important for the program. These grants are tailored for CTE nursing programs’ needs and are crucial to their success. The grants pay for things like adjunct faculty and other resources.

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